Empowering local transport providers by making technology accessible and developing a fair and transparent market while also allowing individuals and travelers to book the perfect ride – no matter the budget and occasion.

The Perfect Ride at Any Location

Localrydes is an online booking platform that connects you with licensed and professional chauffeurs globally to ensure top quality travel experience wherever your journey takes you. Use Localrydes to search and book convenient transportation and transfer services. Our mission is to help local transport providers grow and run their business and, enable travelers to explore the world and book the perfect ride no matter the budget and occasion. Whether leisure or for business, we empower travelers with price comparisons and reviews to travel smarter, safer, and further than ever before.

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How it all began

Co-founders Bishr, Wali, and Karim met while working for a renowned limousine and luxury car rental company based in Vienna, Austria where they discovered a common passion to improve the market conditions for local chauffeurs and passenger transport companies.

While the mobility sector has seen significant improvements, transport providers have been left behind. The market is saturated, travel intermediaries charge high commissions, technology serves consumers only, and underpaid drivers have resulted in low quality of service.

These challenges have inspired the co-founders to build a Traveltech company in the heart of Europe that is profitable and improves market conditions for transport providers and consumers alike.

With their determination and entrepreneurial thinking, the co-founders have rapidly adapted their strategies to address the economic challenges as well as a global pandemic.

Localrydes changes the game forever.

1000+ vehicles listed

It’s time to improve your booking process. Use Localrydes to connect with a large selection of local and professional drivers and find convenient transportation and transfer services for your customers or employees.

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Who we serve

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Leisure and business travelers can search, compare and review vehicles to find the best ride that fits their budget and travel needs.

Localrydes serves PHV and transport companies

Transport Providers

Passenger transport companies gain access to new customers as well as an all-in-one reservation & dispatch system to help them run and manage their business.

travel agent

Travel Operators

Travel agents profit from a large selection of economy, business, and luxury class vehicles for private or business clients, event transport, weddings, group trips, and more.

Business Travel

Business Travelers

Businesses can book airport transfers, chauffeured cars, and courtesy rides for their employees and business associates all over Europe with certified and professional drivers.

User Friendly

A clean and simple interface.


No hidden fees or extra charges.

Safe & Secure

Professional and licensed drivers.

Personalized Travel Services

Numerous travel options.

Save Precious Time

Fast and simple booking process.


A holistic end-to-end mobility solution.